What is the current form of the CEIBS train?

The international railway trains started in 2011, and they have been paid more and more attention by the public under the gradual implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative" policy. According to relevant data, as of October 2019, China-Europe trains have operated more than 11,000 trains, run more than 60 routes, reached more than 40 cities in 15 European countries, and shipped more than 920,000 TEUs of goods.

At present, there are 3 western, central, and eastern corridors in the China-Europe train line: the western corridor exits from the central and western part of China through Alashankou (Khorgos), the central corridor exits from the north part of China through Erlianhot, and the eastern corridor is from the southeast coast The area exited via Manzhouli (Suifenhe).

The transport distance between China and Europe is more than 13,000 kilometers from east to west, connecting more than 50 regions. China-Europe trains have become important logistics channels in the areas along the “Belt and Road”.