The development of the logistics platform makes the whole freight traceable.

In recent years, China's logistics industry has maintained a stable and rapid development, and the efficiency of logistics and transportation has improved. From the perspective of freight composition, my country's freight transportation is mainly road transportation. As an important plate in the domestic logistics field, the road freight market has always attracted much attention. With the help of technical forces such as mobile Internet and big data, freight O2O platform has ushered in an era of opportunity.

The Internet has penetrated into all aspects of life, Internet plus freight has also developed rapidly, and the emergence of various distribution software has brought not only new changes in the logistics industry, more tangible gradually eliminate the contradiction between the excess capacity of trucks and the difficulty of cargo owners, eliminate the barriers between cargo owners and truck drivers, and solve the problem of information asymmetry between cargo owners and drivers. The cargo owner (car owner) releases the real-time supply (vehicle source), and realizes the intelligent matching of the vehicle and cargo by analyzing the vehicle's model, loading and unloading place, etc, it solves the problem that it is difficult for cargo owners to find a car and spend a lot of time looking for a car.

What the logistics platform needs to do is not only to integrate information, but also to penetrate the entire transportation link. If the car owner is the export of the logistics link, the cargo owner is the entrance of the logistics link. The interests of the whole logistics chain coexist. We can't take care of this and lose the other, so as to protect the common benefits of the owners and maximize the interests of both parties.