The CEIBS train quietly affects life

The opening of the China-Europe Train provides the trade channel guarantee for the central region to accept the eastern industries, and the eastern industries are converging towards the central channel cities.

At the end of 2014, TPV's orders for 1 million TV sets in Fuqing and Xiamen had been transferred to Wuhan for production, which directly brought Wuhan an annual output value of 3 to 4 billion and a supporting output value of nearly 2 billion. Taiwan Qihong Technology also deployed its production base to Wuhan.

In April 2015, the "Russia-Manzhouli-Wuhan" return train from the eastern forest region of Russia via Manzhouli Port arrived in Wuhan, opening the nation's first continuous, full-load raw material and semi-finished product transportation line.

The reporter saw in Hubei Fuhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. located in Dongxihu District that wood from the Russian Far East is being processed here into beautiful wooden house villas, garden pavilions, etc. The company has established a company in Russia. Today, domestic and foreign forestry enterprises have come to Han to invest and build factories, and Wuhan has become a wood raw material distribution and transfer center in central China and even the whole country.

On October 28, 2017, the China-Europe train line launched the nation's first customized retail train line-Decathlon. The world-renowned sports brand retailer France Decathlon Group will transfer orders that have been transferred to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam to Wuhan, Jingmen and other places. Become a distribution center in China, Wuhan.


The farther and farther this train is, the more the "friend circle" in Asia and Europe continues to expand. In the large supermarkets such as Hubei Zhongshang, Zhongbai and Wushang, liquid milk from Belarus, safflower oil from Kazakhstan, wines from Bordeaux, Germany, and more than 130 kinds of overseas food, including German beer; You can also drink authentic Chinese tea and wear Chinese-made clothing. Many French cars use Chinese-made car engines. The distance between Wuhan and the world is getting closer because of the China-Europe train line.