Technical Analysis of China Railway Container Refrigerated Transportation

The internal volume of the box is about 74.5m3; the tank volume is 543L, the shortest continuous running time is about 240 hours; the temperature control range in the box is -29 ℃ ~ + 27 ℃, the use environment temperature range is -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; Layer; with intelligent functions such as automatic monitoring, automatic switching, two-way communication. In 2016, the long-distance railway department developed the BX1K 40-foot refrigerated container with a temperature as low as -25 ° C, and it is also stable according to different cargoes.

The storage technology mainly uses the world's largest mature modified atmosphere transportation for the transportation of vegetables and fruits, etc., to keep the transportation commodities at the next part or intermediate value of temperature. For some uncooled goods, there is no strict temperature requirement during the transportation process. Zhongzhong also did not pay attention to temperature control.