Situation development requirements for railway freight transport

In the process of social reproduction, logistics efficiency and production efficiency are equally important. The domestic cycle and the domestic and international double cycle are inseparable from a safe, convenient, intensive and efficient, open and integrated modern logistics system. Compared with developed countries in Europe, America and Japan, my country's logistics still has outstanding problems such as "high cost and low efficiency. Reducing logistics costs is a realistic choice for improving the quality and efficiency of China's economy. It is of great significance to promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, enhance industrial competitiveness, and improve the overall quality and efficiency of the national economy.

Transportation is the most important link and core functional element in the logistics system. Different stages of social and economic development have different requirements for transportation. For a long time, as a pure transportation enterprise, railway freight has operated alone and formed its own system. It is more of a single transportation function, which is compatible with the requirements of social and economic development in the same period. At this stage, the development of a single mode of transport, including railways, has encountered bottlenecks and is unsustainable, through the effective combination of various modes of transport to form an efficient transport chain and logistics chain, the development of multimodal transport can effectively complement the advantages of various modes of transport, weaken the adverse effects of a single transport mode, develop intensitively and maximize the benefits of the entire transport and logistics process, this in turn reduces logistics costs. Railway freight has all-weather, large volume, safety, environmental protection and network advantages, is the leading force of multimodal transport, without Railway participation is difficult to develop on a large scale, the development and participation of railways determine the overall level of the country's multimodal transport, which has a significant impact on the cost reduction and efficiency increase of my country's logistics industry. The practice of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan has also proved this point.

As the backbone of China's modern comprehensive transportation system, railway plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of multimodal transportation and modern logistics system. The transformation of railway freight transportation to modern logistics should not only solve its own structural bottlenecks, but more importantly, give full play to the comparative advantages of railways, release multimodal transport dividends, and support the logistics industry to reduce cost and increase efficiency. "Transportation power, railway first" is an important responsibility and mission of railway development at this stage, and has become the fundamental driving force for railway to continue to serve the national strategy. For freight transportation, it is necessary to adapt to the construction of new modern logistics models, new formats and double-cycle new development patterns, and actively participate in market cooperation and competition, play a leading role in the framework of multimodal transport and modern logistics. The transformation process of railway freight transport is bound to be a long-term and long way to go.