Sea-rail combined transport to create a fast-track passage to the Maritime Silk Road

Jiangyin Port is the best water port in many terminals along the coast of Fujian. The navigation conditions are excellent. The 150,000-ton ship can be used for 365 days. The port is equipped with 10 container bridges, 2 bulk cargo bridges and 26 tires. Field bridge, container annual throughput capacity of 3 million TEU. COSCO Marine Containers Co., Ltd., which is responsible for shipping, ranks fourth in the world in terms of capacity. Its ocean-going vessels are berthed in 192 ports in 64 countries and regions around the world, and have more than 500 sales and service outlets around the world. The safe transportation of railway container fast trains, the deep water berth of Jiangyin Port, and the extensive sales and service network of COSCO Shipping Container Co., Ltd. have jointly created a shortest distance from Fujian West Economic Corridor to Fujian. The lowest cost products export fast logistics channels, so that inland enterprises can enjoy the various preferential policies of the country to build the Maritime Silk Road.