Railway logistics

Railway logistics is generated by the rapid development of modern logistics industry at home and abroad, the continuous adjustment of railway productivity layout, and the continuous release of transportation capacity. Based on resources such as railway freight yards, the integration of modern logistics and supply chain management and service concepts is The customer provides a comprehensive and integrated modern logistics service space space based on railway transportation. It can be used as a railway service provider for logistics services. It can also be used as a public logistics base to attract relevant logistics companies to join in the logistics service. place. Railway logistics generally has the characteristics of moderate advancement, complete functions, powerful capabilities, advanced equipment and extensive radiation.


Railway logistics relies on the point and line of railways, and takes into account the network economy characteristics of infrastructure and production operations. It connects the main body of supply and the main body of demand. According to the allocation and optimization of railway resources, transportation, storage, loading, unloading, handling and packaging will be carried out. The combination of functions such as distribution processing, distribution, and information processing is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the flow of goods from the supply location to the receiving entity. The development trend of China's railway logistics: the construction of logistics center will develop in a rational direction; the service function will develop in a diversified direction; the technical equipment will develop in the direction of modernization; the business processing will be developed in the direction of convenience; the whole logistics service capability will be significantly improved. .