Railway freight express allows China and Europe to cooperate in the fast lane during the epidemic

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, freight trains have played an important role in supporting Europe’s fight against the epidemic, opening up a “green channel” for important supplies and raw material transportation. ——The normal operation of the China-Europe Railway has provided support for the fight against the epidemic, and it has also stabilized.-While striving to expand the common interests of China-EU cooperation, the China-Europe Railway Transportation Service launched in 2011 will play an increasingly important role in the post-epidemic era . Trade and supply chain have provided the impetus for the economic recovery of the Eurasian continent.

Xinhua News Agency, June 27th (Reporter Liu Jianhua) On the morning of the 27th, a freight train loaded with anti-epidemic materials departed from Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, and arrived in Paris, reflecting the continuous anti-epidemic cooperation between China and Europe. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, which expresses much-needed operation and transportation of medical supplies, many trains in China and Europe have operated more than 11920 kilometers through seven countries before delivery. About 20 million surgical masks and gloves, implant kits, non-contact soap dispensers and other resources This marks the first time that two other Sino-European freight trains carrying anti-coronavirus materials are heading to Duisburg, Germany, and Madrid, Spain, respectively.