Railway development prospects: not only promoting Asia-Europe international trade

After the completion of the Zhongjiwu Railway, it will become an important part of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge. It will improve the southern passage of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, broaden the transportation scope of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, and enhance the status of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge in international transportation. Will benefit the countries along the route.

In view of the consensus on this general direction, in June 2018, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan reached a substantive agreement on the joint railway construction parameters.

The current situation is that the railway route has been basically determined, and the negotiation of specific gauges is still continuing. The financing plan was further negotiated. According to public information, railway construction experts are determining the specific number of railway tunnels, bridges and other man-made structures in Zhongjiwu. Project start-up time, contractors and subcontractors are only time issues.

After the opening of the Zhongjiwu Railway Project, it is estimated that the transportation routes from East Asia to the Middle East and South Europe will be shortened by nearly 900 kilometers and the transportation time will be shortened by 7-8 days, which will greatly promote international trade in China, Central Asia and Europe.

In addition, the project construction will ensure the development of transportation infrastructure in Central Asian countries, providing them with convenient access to the Persian Gulf and Pacific ports, and stimulating the development and utilization of natural resources in the countries of the region.