Railway brings development opportunities

Kyrgyz domestic experts submitted a report through scientific calculations, arguing that the construction of the Zhongjiwu Railway will contribute to the economic development of Kyrgyzstan, which has a great effect on the people who change the project in Kyrgyzstan.

Rail transport connected to the sea is one of the most convenient and economical means of transport. According to Kyrgyz experts, 90% of the world's land transportation is carried out by rail, and 96% of Kyrgyzstan's freight is transported by car. Therefore, the construction and operation of the Jiwu Railway will help to change the situation of Kyrgyzstan. After the completion of the railway, the amount of goods passing through Kyrgyzstan can reach 15-20 million tons per year.

At the same time, the Sino-Kyrgyz railway line will make Kyrgyzstan a transit country, and it can therefore make huge profits. According to conservative estimates, Kyrgyzstan will receive approximately $200 million in transit transportation fees each year. A scholar in Kyrgyzstan pointed out that the Sino-Kyrgyzstan Railway is not very necessary for China, especially Uzbekistan. China and Uzbekistan have sufficient transport capacity to transport their own goods. But the project is of utmost importance to Kyrgyzstan because it will bring huge benefits to Kyrgyzstan.

Some people in Kyrgyzstan’s political circles also pointed out that the implementation of the project will increase Kyrgyz’s GDP by 60% and create new jobs, which will open a new page in Kyrgyzstan’s economy.