Online freight platform breaks the existing logistics industry

China is becoming one of the most rapid development of logistics countries, the development potential is huge, enterprises have to reduce costs and increase the demand for logistics outsourcing, government incentives are also an important factor in stimulating the rapid development of the online freight transport market. According to statistics, there are tens of thousands of traditional logistics enterprises and cargo owner enterprises, but the degree of informatization is generally low, which seriously restricts the low-cost and high-efficiency development of my country's logistics. Industry experts said that accelerating the networking and intelligence of the logistics industry is an inevitable choice to reduce logistics costs and enhance the international competitiveness of the real economy.

The network freight platform has built a capacity credit system to break the existing logistics industry "acquaintance economy" and "logistics regionalization" restrictions. With the rapid development of a new round of scientific and technological revolution such as big data cloud computing, under the support and guidance of national and local governments, the development of online freight is booming and has become an innovative development of the logistics industry, the new format of enabling transformation.

Practice has also proved that online freight transportation plays a significant role in building a more standardized, professional and orderly industry new order in integrating social scattered capacity, realizing efficient, coordinated and intensive development of cargo transportation, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

The online freight platform is a typical representative of the Internet platform economy in the logistics industry. It optimizes the allocation of social resources through platform integration, enhances the ability of circulation innovation, and promotes industrial upgrading with circulation innovation.