Normalized sui Russia-Asia continental sea transport train starting operation

Is located in the eastern part of the Sino-Russian border province of Heilongjiang of Suifenhe railway crossings is the starting point of suiman railway, from Russia far East's largest railway marshalling ussuriysk just 120 kilometers, while neighbouring Russia far East port city of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, East port, and so on, through the Suifenhe port take after Russia out to sea East of the Harbour, Korea, North America, West of the heart of Europe.

The same day, full of wood, wearing a red Russia trains from Suifenhe, China shipping, through Russia Vladivostok port of loading, finally arrived in Korea in Busan. Since the beginning of this shipment, sui Russia-Asia continental sea transport after 7 months of trial operation, formally normalized realizing weeks train operation.

Suifenhe Luhai, General Manager of Silk Road international logistics Fan Jizhong said: "this passage through Europe and Asia, advantages, on the premise of guaranteed weeks train normal operations, according to sources of the situation will also gradually increase weekly train schedules. Land and sea transport after normalized implementation, commissioning transport is greatly reduced in the early time, reduced transport costs. "