Multimodal transport with emphasis on railway reform

1. use of social resources, Railway Express advantage play, the Taiwan Railway Administration also allowed to purchase the vehicle. This year, the reforms proposed creation of railway freight transport logistics, core is a railway freight road transport together, play a water transportation route of the railway transportation function, role play area of road freight transport. A few years ago, has been calling for enhanced cross-organization drop between the various modes of transport, to date can try two modes, first, strengthening the containerized transport, second, discuss the future of hump-back mode of transport.
2. the route after the Latrun, multimodal transport itself a facelift, for hanging links, must strengthen the facility seamlessly together to build a transport base. Which has several highlight problem, first, Railway yard not adapted modern logistics needs, some platform too narrow, some traditional of organization facilities and line location relationship not reasonable, again plus equipment configuration aging, and rigid, hard adapted more type transport of requirements; second, and lack modern, and standardization of logistics equipment, highway freight has more than 100 more species models, modified zhihou has hundreds of species models, railway how and of convergence?
3. low percentage into railway Logistics Park, traffic infrastructure lacking connections to different modes of transport. At present, the railway will not only open the port to even drive into highway freight transport station. At present, the railway is to explore how to accelerate the introduction of railway logistics park.