Jiaozhou, multimodal transport additional domestic and international train

It is understood that currently practised by intermodal train timing, location of the "bus" operating mode. Opened in December 2014 yellow small running line, between the plastic yellow outside twice a day, the main goods include textiles, clothing, food, fertilizers, frozen meat, pulp and paper, wood, quartz powder, plastic, etc. As of December 31, 2015, glue yellow work to 162587TEU. Addition, article tube outside class column also implemented bus 4 of run mode, this four article class column respectively for: Jiaozhou to Xian new built class column main goods is imports of aircraft accessories (West fly group), and food, and agricultural (000061, unit's), and asphalt,, export of juice (70%), and MSG, and agricultural, and BYD (002594, unit's) car,; Jiaozhou to Zhengzhou Putian class column main goods is imports of car accessories, and rubber, and pulp,, export of chemical products, and refractory, and car accessories, ; Jiaozhou train to Urumqi of alumina imports are mainly transported to Southeast Asia; to Jiaozhou in Henan Luoyang train main goods are imported copper concentrates, alumina, gold powder, Sheepskin, rubber, timber and paper pulp, export of haydite, solar modules, refractory, corundum, motorcycle and so on.