Incheon-Jinan, Weihai-sea multimodal channel open

Shandong post Express Logistics company will using Jinan, and Qingdao, and Yantai, and Weihai post port of channel resources and convenience clearance policy, combined in the Han shipping mail Express products and the overseas warehouse strategy layout, through provides package of clear shut, and rebate, and transport, and delivery, quality high excellent of service, for Shandong province 20,000 more than home across border electric business enterprise and Korea Electric business platform provides convenient quality of integrated logistics platform, promote Shandong across border electric business industry development, and will Shandong build became national across border electric business important port.

Jinan, Jinan customs in support of cross-border e-commerce development issued a shipment in channel post office transit customs declaration policies, to cross-border sea transport in Weihai port resources extended to Jinan, Jinan has the air and ocean freight intermodal port and the port of air and ocean freight customs clearance service. Subsequently, the EMS said it will apply for Jinan Exchange Bureau and exchanges to achieve total international mail package direct direct, cross-border shipments are to be spent 1-2 days, and further enhance port of Jinan's logistics function.