Guangxis first large-scale rail transport to launch

From southern Guangxi branch was informed that, since the end of November, China Southern Airlines will be released the first phase of Guangxi "rail transport" products, the first batch of Nanning, liuzhou, Guilin and other 3 passengers choose traveling in and out of the city around Guangzhou, aboard China Southern Airlines international flight, that is, giving the city-Guangzhou HSR second-class ticket. This is mass of air and rail transport cooperation for the first time in Guangxi. Then China Southern is also planned in Wuzhou, hezhou more areas such as, North Sea and guigang City launched "rail transport" products.
"Rail transport" products originating in southern Guangzhou flights to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and other international routes. Passenger can in Guangxi district within of South Airlines directly under the ticket office and the by's of has sales international ticket qualification of a agent at purchase "empty iron transport" products, the products used electronic ticket sales way, high-speed rail votes to virtual flights of form reflected in tickets trip single in the, and indicate "high-speed rail transport" words, passenger without roundtrip railway station personally take votes, can completed "a station type" ground + air transport of smooth experience. Visitors to buy "rail transport" products, if the high-speed rail train delays caused international flights link missing, provide a written statement issued by the high speed rail station, China Southern Airlines in accordance with the principle of involuntary change of help free change of international flights.