Container trains for multiple cargo transportation from China to China and Europe

  Railway transportation from China to Holland not only carries goods transportation between the two countries, but also drives the links between western China and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam/Myanmar and Europe, and the circulation of goods. Holland and neighboring countries such as Belgian beer, French wine, and Luxembourg's high-quality and high-end goods are shipped to China, a huge market.

  The China-Europe train-Holland line is not only a common international railway transport international multimodal transport line, but also a century line from the perspective of the country and the world, it connects the economic activities between the two regions.

  Central Europe train line:

  1. China-Germany Hamburg, Duisburg-France Leon, China-Netherlands (round trip)

  2. China-Poland Mara, Warsaw (round trip)

  3. China-Poland Lodz (round trip)

  4. China-Russia Moscow (round trip)

  5. China-Belarus Brest, Mink (round trip)

  6. China-Kazakhstan Alma-Ata

  7. China-Tajikistan Dushanbe

  8. China-Uzbekistan Tashkent