Choosing logistics is an important way to avoid logistics traffic disputes

1. Use international parcel registration, EMS and other express methods to balance costs and risks

International logistics usually involves multinational customs clearance and multiple transit transportation. The process is often difficult to control, and it is inevitable that package delays and even lost conditions will cause buyer dissatisfaction.

If the registration fee is lower than the full refund, and the high-value items are sent or sent to a more remote place, you can use the express delivery method such as registration or EMS / UPS to ensure that you can effectively avoid the refund. Risk and buyer complaints, and can be returned if no one signs the package.

In addition, many logistics service providers have already opened Sino-US special lines, European green lines, and even have established warehouses in Europe and the United States, both in terms of efficiency and cost are very competitive.

2. Pre-sales fully explain the situation of international logistics and freight, control buyer expectations

The seller identifies the identity by setting up a self-introduction page and explains the complex processes of international logistics and the uncontrollable time factors. I hope that the buyer will give an understanding and also show his positive attitude towards solving the problem.

The item description page clearly indicates your shipping method, delivery area, order processing time, reasonable expected shipping time and probability of arrival (as shown in the figure below, a seller's packet delivery time probability table), and shipping costs. Emphasize to the buyer that due to the customs, it may lead to the extension of shipping time, additional expenses such as import duties and customs duties, and explain the duty of payment and the party responsible.

In addition, many online shopping platforms offer a free "FAQ" section that allows buyers to find answers to their questions before contacting you. You may wish to pre-set the shipping problems most frequently encountered by buyers in the FAQ, which not only solves the urgent needs of buyers but also reduces the workload of your customer service.

3. Proactively communicate with buyers during shipment and delivery to avoid buyer anxiety

After receiving the buyer's payment, you can respond to the buyer by email or SKYPE and detail the international logistics situation. At the same time, inform the order that it is being processed and will deliver the goods as soon as possible, indicating your positive attitude. Also give the buyer a shot of vaccination in advance.

Try to ship within 48 hours, and inform the buyer of the delivery number, email address, and reasonable expected delivery time by email. After the seller delivers the goods, the most important Tracking number (the tracking number) must be filled in correctly, so that the buyer can check it out.

International freight is usually a long time. In order to avoid the buyer's dissatisfaction and even initiate a complaint due to anxiety, it is necessary to inform the buyer on the way by mail or other means 7-10 days after the buyer pays. Please wait patiently if you are not willing. Waiting can contact you immediately to arrange a refund.

4. Avoid sending the address incorrectly, please confirm the valid shipping address with the buyer.

After the buyer pays, you need to contact the buyer to check whether the payment information and shipping address are accurate. If the buyer does not reply, in principle, the PayPal address will prevail (please declare in advance on the item description page). In addition, if the buyer requests to send to an address other than PayPal, please confirm with the buyer again and again.

5. The email indicates the customer service contact method, extend the customer service time, and immediately solve the buyer's question.

Provide a real-time online customer service contact in all emails communicated with buyers, such as Skype, MSN, etc. that buyers are used to. Indicate customer service email, phone number and office hours. In addition, some buyers' common questions can be placed at the end of the email, so that buyers can find a solution when they have any problems.

At the same time, in order to avoid as much as possible, some worried buyers will not complain because they can't wait for your reply. It is worthwhile to count the time period when buyers ask questions frequently, arrange customer service for those time periods, and extend customer service time in a targeted manner.

6. In the event of parcel delay, parcels due to customs duties, no one sign, please feedback to the buyer in a timely manner

If the package is delayed, please inform the buyer in time to explain why the package was not reached within the expected time and obtain the buyer's understanding.

If the parcel is not credited to the customs due to customs duties, please inform your buyer in a timely manner, stating that you have already indicated the buyer’s tax liability in the description of the item. It may be worthwhile to share some tariffs for the buyer at this time, not only to avoid the goods. Returning will give buyers a high score for your sincerity.

If the parcel is temporarily stored in the post office due to no one signing, please remind the buyer to find the note left by the post office and collect it within the validity period. Let the buyer appreciate your service.

7. Deal with the buyer’s inquiry about the item not received in time:

Many times, when the buyer's email inquiry is not answered in time, the buyer will initiate a corresponding complaint. Therefore, if the seller can contact the buyer and provide a solution at the first time when the buyer asks for the problem that the item has not been received, the buyer can avoid the opportunity to initiate a complaint.

It is recommended to provide buyers with more than 2 solutions (refund or re-send, etc.) to improve the buyer's feelings and improve the efficiency of problem solving.