China's first air and land transport cross-border e-commerce opened cargo flights

The "air transport" land and cross-border freight flight from XI ' an international group for investment and development in Hong Kong (Army Group) led type certified aircraft for Boeing 747-400, which, in Shaanxi Province, 75 tons of cargo, and other cities such as Chongqing, Zhengzhou, 25 tons of cargo. Are consumers of these goods by XI ' an integrated bonded area of cross-border e-commerce orders under the platform of the Netherlands, and Germany and the United Kingdom, such as milk powder, cosmetic products, small household appliances and other goods.

"This ' foreign land and air transport, warehouse + ' international freight mode will be 96 hours arrived in Xian international logistics cycle shortened to gather, transport to the completion of customs clearance in just 30 hours, 1/4 lower logistics costs, import categories increased by 3 times. "Xian Qu Jinwei lugang Group Deputy General Manager, told reporters, after the customs clearance of goods through international Park" foreign goods terminals "," Ulife "e-commerce platforms such as distribution in time, enable consumers with a fast, affordable and convenient shopping experience. The future, XI ' an, XI ' an international push to normalized cross-border cargo charter operations in Europe, progressive opening of XI ' an and Central Asia, South Asia, and the Americas "air and land transport" cross-boundary freight flights, to create cross-border e-commerce in XI ' an and all continents "air and land transport" a new channel.