China Europe Land and Sea Express HP South Railroad officially runs

On April 19th, the China-European Expressway southbound train carrying HP electronic product containers officially arrived in Piraeus Port. The COSCO Greece field work team of COSCO Logistics Logistics Department completed the pick-up at the dock site and placed control on it. The container was smoothly transferred.

HP Southbound cargo is shipped from HP's Czech factory, and it takes the South-European Expressway to the port of Piraeus, and then to the North Africa, the East and the Middle East through sea transport. COSCO maritime logistics fully utilized the advantages of the expressway northbound vehicle return, and successfully persuaded HP to transfer the goods originally shipped by air or other routes to the China-Europe Expressway Southbound Railway, and enhanced the customer through the formulation of the whole logistics solution. Experience while helping customers reduce lead times, reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of the supply chain.