China-Europe Class: One Belt One Road construction landmark achievement

The China-Europe train is organized by the China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., and runs according to the fixed train number, line, shift period and full operation time, china's One Belt, One Road, One Belt, One Road, and One Belt, One Road, has effectively promoted China's opening up to the outside world and economic and trade exchanges with countries along the "One Belt and One Road, become a landmark achievement of the" Belt and Road "construction.

In 2013, the former Railway Corporation and the current National Railway Group strengthened the standards of mechanism and equipment support according to the unified transportation organization, unified full price, unified service standard, unified management team and unified coordination platform, put forward the general idea of building a unified brand of China-Europe trains, and built a large-scale China-Europe railway corridor in the West, Middle and East according to the direction of the supply of different regions, the international container trains that travel domestic cities to Europe are collectively referred to as the Chinese-European trains. The West Passage mainly attracts import and export sources in Southwest, Northwest, Central China, North China, East China and other regions. It is connected to Kazakhstan and Russia at the Alashakou Railway Port in Xinjiang through the Longhai and Lanxin lines, and passes through Belarus, railways in Poland and other countries reach other European countries. The Zhongtong Road mainly attracts import and export sources in Central China, North China and other regions. It is connected to the Mongolian and Russian railways at the Erlianhot Railway Port in Inner Mongolia through the Beijing-Guangzhou, Jingbao, and Jier Lines, and passes through the railways of Belarus, Poland and other countries, access to other European countries. The east channel mainly attracts the import and export sources of goods in East China, South China and Northeast China. It is connected to the Russian railway at the Manzhouli railway port in Inner Mongolia and the Suifenhe railway port in Heilongjiang, via Belarus, railways in Poland and other countries reach other European countries.

On June 8, 2016, China Railway officially launched the unified brand of China-Europe Express. At present, there are 71 domestic cities operating in China, access to 67 cities in 19 countries, and 69 operating lines. Frequent sections include: Yiwu to Madrid, Yiwu to Duisburg, Wuhan to Hamburg, Wuhan to Lyon, Chongqing to Duisburg, Chengdu to Rhodes, Zhengzhou to Hamburg, etc.