Central European trains open up fast lanes for foreign trade development in Jilin Province

A group of 54 containers in the middle of the Ou Banlie (Changchun to Barcelona) from the Shenyang Railway Bureau Changchun Freight Center Xinglongshan business office comprehensive bonded area dedicated line. This Central Europe train will be sent to the 18 central stations of six European countries through the Manzhouli port and finally to Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2017, Shenyang Bureau has cooperated closely with Shenyang Branch of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., and has opened 8 Central European trains in Changchun. There are 367 TEU export goods from Jilin Province to various European countries and regions. The Shenyang Bureau took the initiative to connect with Changchun International Land Development Co., Ltd. to understand the transportation needs of enterprises and formulate a special line plan for enterprises. Changchun Cargo Center actively coordinates relevant departments and units to handle relevant procedures for enterprises to meet the needs of shippers.

The main categories of goods transported in Central Europe are auto parts, electronic products, daily necessities, glass products, etc. According to the person in charge of Changchun International Land and Port Development Co., Ltd., the goods transported by China-European trains are more and more extensive in the industry. Not only are the categories rich, but also the supply is sufficient. The trains have gradually entered the normal operation state and are expected to increase by the end of March. Up to 2 columns per week, the volume of goods sent in 2017 is expected to exceed 12,000 TEUs.