Central European train delivery packaging requirements

The safety of cargo packing and the entire transportation process is the primary guarantee of the quality of operation. Good cargo packaging is the premise of cargo packing and transportation safety. According to the form of the previous cargo packaging and the problems of the packaging of the goods, the packaging standards of the goods were summarized. Classified according to carton goods, box goods, and special goods.

First, the carton packaging standard:

1. There is no deformation, no damage, no opening in the carton rules;

2. The carton is not wet or damp;

3, no pollution outside the carton, greasy, etc.;

4, the carton is sealed intact;

5. The label on the carton is clear, indicating the nature of the goods and the packing requirements;

Two: wooden box pallet goods

If the packaging of wooden boxes and pallets does not meet the transportation requirements, the protection of the goods itself will not have the proper function, and it will also affect the transportation and loading and unloading operations. It is necessary to first pack the products from the customer's factory.

Wooden box pallet goods packaging standards:

1, the tray has no legs, deformation, damage, wet and damp;

2. No damage to the outside, greasy pollution, etc.;

3. The weight of the bottom support exceeds the weight of the cargo;

4. The outer packaging and the bottom support or cargo reinforcement are firm and self-contained;

5, the cargo is sealed intact;

6. The internal cargo is placed reasonably and the reinforcement is effective to avoid shaking in the package;

7. Indicate the nature of the goods on a wooden box or pallet, including the following:

   1) Stacking number and weight limit;

   2) the position of the center of gravity of the goods;

   3) the weight and size of the goods;

   4) Whether it is fragile and other signs;

   5) Cargo hazard identification.

Three: special goods

Overweight cargo is a cargo with a weight of more than 5 tons. Due to the heavy cargo, it is difficult to operate in the process of logistics transportation and unloading, and there is a higher requirement for the packaging of the cargo. If the packaging of the overweight cargo does not meet the requirements, the cargo will be caused. And the container is damaged.

Overweight cargo packaging and packing requirements:

1. The cargo bottom support adopts a four-pass structure, and the cargo pallet meets the container weight requirement (the maximum load capacity of the 40-foot container floor is 1 ton square meter, and the maximum load capacity of the 20-foot container floor is 2 tons/square meter);

2, the strength of the outer packaging is sufficient to support the loading and unloading of goods (banding and unloading of cranes) and packing requirements.

3, the strength of the tray is enough to support the weight of the goods, there will be no broken wood strips during unloading and packing.

4. The bottom of the tray is flat and there are no screws, nuts or other protruding parts to avoid damage to the container.

5, the goods package meets the wooden box pallet goods packaging standards.