Caofeidian to Gansu open rail-sea intermodal container train

The goods on January 22 at the quhongyi Wharf of caofeidian port of discharge, February 15, start packing. This train in Tangshan, Beijing railway administration freight Center support, bulk cargoes using railway-owned box new multimodal logistics model, compared to the traditional logistics, rail-sea intermodal transportation to achieve a door to door logistics and transport, one-stop, fully enclosed, can effectively avoid the various losses in transport, greatly reducing the total cost of logistics.

Rail-sea intermodal container train opened in Gansu area, Cao Fei Dian Northwest strategy to promote port group company limited to lay a solid foundation, to perfect the caofeidian port area of railway transportation system, promote container transportation industry and plays an important role in the economic development of the hinterland. Caofeidian port group company limited will take this as an opportunity to set up inland field stations, rail-sea intermodal transportation-oriented developing multimodal transport project, promoting the pendulum mode of transport to expand influence and competitiveness in the Northwest.