Can International Express deliver battery products abroad?

Built-in battery International Express, Express International Battery, can the battery be international express?

Yes, whether it is a digital product with built-in battery inside, or an electronic device matched outside, or a single battery, it can be sent to foreign countries by international express. There are no restrictions on products with built-in batteries and supporting batteries to mainstream countries around the world, and customers can ship them abroad without providing complex information. Single battery of pure battery, independent battery without other supporting products can be carried to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries, most countries pure battery can do customs clearance service including tax.

It can carry all kinds of built-in batteries, supporting batteries and pure battery goods to 135 countries around the world. The customer does not need to provide any battery information. For regular export, the customer only needs to provide the recipient's address. Pure batteries in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries can be delivered to the door through customs clearance.

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