HANXINOU LCL China-Europe Railway Express Less Than Container Load(LCL) From Wuhan

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The first regular cargo train from Wuhan,China to Europe was dispatched on Apr 23rd,2014. In 2015,Wuhan operated totally 228 trains and 14,912 TEU, combining 92,500 tons of cargo which was worth 3,3 billion RMB. Wuhan ranks NO.1 in growth among all the 27 cargo trains between China and Europe. In 2016,Wuhan expects to operate 300 trains between China and Europe.
Generally speaking, 95% of the cargo transported on China-Europe cargo block trains are 40ft containers. 20ft containers have to be loaded in pair on railway wagons and it's not easy to match two 20ft on one railway wagon because they need to have similar weight for safety concern. Then what can we do with cargo less than one 40ft container load? So this is the exact reason we are organizing consolidation service for LCL cargo.
On Wuhan-Europe block trains we have weekly LCL services to Warsaw of Poland, Hamburg of Germany and Duisburg of Germany. From these 3 cities we can arrange distribution to all over Europe by LTL(Less than Truck Load) service.

Service Advantages:
1.Fast and accurate transit time.13 days to Warsaw warehouse.15 days to Hamburg warehouse. At least 50% time is saved compared with shipping by sea.
2.Good saving compared to airfreight. Up to 65% lower than airfreight charges.
3.Great security. Railway transportation is considered the safest transportation method compared to sea freight, air freight or trucking.
4.Transparent costing. No hidden costs compared with the LCL by sea. The railway freight charges are all-inclusive and only subject to customs clearance charges and tax/duty.
5.Relief of cash-flow pressure. The shorter transit time means faster cash-flow and consequently more turnover is possible based on same amount of invested capital, which is very good news for high-value cargo owners.
6.HLT puts own containers in the operation of this business and therefore is more competitive in terms of rate level than other freight forwarders.

Service Frequency:
Our Wuhan-Europe railway LCL has weekly departures on Fri.

Service Coverage:
The destinations in Europe are:

Though the discharging train stations are limited, we can distribute the cargo from above-mentioned stations to all over Europe within 1-3 days of train arrival.
Also,we can arrange cargo pick-up all over China to Wuhan train station with speedy trucking services within 1-2 days.

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